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Rumble Monkeys, MMA enters the Blockchain

Rumble Monkeys, MMA enters the Blockchain

MMA Futures has partnered with several combat sports industry professionals to bring you an innovative look at WEB3 and NFTs. Through the purchase of The Rumble Monkeys NFT Project, it opens the doors to a whole new way of looking at MMA.

For those unfamiliar with WEB3 and NFT, I’ll give you a brief overview. WEB3 is basically the next iteration of the web, it’s all about security, anonymity and auditability, and it’s all done through blockchain. When it comes to security, you have 100% control over all your web3 assets. For example, if you own a website like MMAFutures.com, you don’t actually own that website, you pay for a service to use their domain, in web3 if you “lie”, say MMAFutures.Sol which is yours, it is stored in your wallet and no one will be able to take it from you. And because of how blockchain technology works, you never have to tell anyone your name or address and all trades go through your verified wallet, which only you have access to. And verifiability, let’s be honest, anything can be faked or duplicated, but let’s say your friend is an artist and posts an artwork as an NFT. This particular artwork has a blockchain ID that indicates it is the original, the artwork can be duplicated but this original ID can never be changed. Alright, that was a lot and a very brief breakdown let’s get to the fun stuff, Rumble Monkeys.

Snarling monkey
Rumble Monkeys takes over the Blockchain

Rumble Monkeys is a Solana NFT project on the Solana blockchain, Solana is a cryptocurrency with low transaction fees, which is why many NFT enthusiasts have turned to it. Rumble Monkeys is a collection of 3,333 combat sports-themed monkeys, and their goal is to become the brand for combat sports on Web3. Currently, the project, under new ownership, has released some things it offers to people who hold their NFTs. The first thing they released was their “Rumble of the Day Picks”, they work with a few people to come up with some of the best picks for their holders to bet on. They also recently released their own utility token, think of it as in-game currency, and you can earn it by locking your NFT for a period of time. Currently their $TKO token can only be used in their marketplace to buy other NFTs but they promise other things online you can buy with it as well as real things too, maybe MMA Futures PPVs ? Honestly, the usefulness of their token is only limited by what they are willing to do. The other thing they alluded to is the fighter partnerships and promotions, I can definitely see some cool stuff there too. Well, if you’re in the Web3 space or interested in it, this seems like a great project to get you started as an MMA fan. We will put some links below. Also, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on social networks.


Rumble Monkeys Discord Server https://discord.gg/Csyr54ZzH2

Rumble Monkeys Twitter https://twitter.com/RumbleMonkeys


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