Home Blockchain Runfy and Decentraland – Crypto projects that provide unique blockchain-based services to their users

Runfy and Decentraland – Crypto projects that provide unique blockchain-based services to their users

Runfy and Decentraland – Crypto projects that provide unique blockchain-based services to their users

Physical activities have enormous health benefits. Despite this, most adults lack the motivation to engage in fitness activities. The Runfy Protocol developer team aims to solve this problem by motivating its users to exercise.

Thanks to Runfy, individuals can overcome their sedentary lifestyle by combining fitness and cryptocurrency. With the native token of Runfy (RUNF)the project will provide access to many opportunities to earn rewards.

Ruuuuun with Runfy (RUNF)

Runfy (RUNF) is a “Get Fit and Earn” crypto project that provides income opportunities to its users. The platform is community. Through Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) governance, users can have full control over the health and fitness decision-making process.

Through DAO, users can also choose their fitness goal and work towards it with the tools available on the platform. For each physical exercise performed using the Runfy app, participants receive RUNF as a reward for completing the task.

In addition to training-related financial rewards, Runfy also helps improve the health conditions of its users. Users can stake their tokens for more profit to earn compound interest.

Another outstanding feature is transaction transparency. Users can monitor data and process their transactions. Regarding security issues, measures have been put in place to ensure that all users benefit from a scam-free trading process.

The exciting ecosystem service includes a software tool that monitors users’ growth in their daily routine exercise. Users are also encouraged to participate in daily, weekly, and monthly challenges. The challenge creates a zealous mindset in the platform users and easily helps them achieve bigger fitness goals.

Investors can, however, join the community by investing in RUNF for a fixed period. A commission will then be granted to those who invest. Again, interest will be based on the total number of tokens they hold.

The Land Centralization Forgot – Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland (MANA) is an online platform where virtual digital assets such as land can be valued. This crypto project is unique compared to some cryptocurrencies in the coin market.

As its name suggests, Decentraland relies on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization set up to manage its platform. Thus, users have the opportunity to vote for changes in their virtual world, and they can decide independently what they want on the platform.

Another great benefit is the healthy competition among users. Rewards are given to the winners while increasing the income of the participants.

MANA is an Ethereum-based token that supports buying and selling virtual land. This asset is the native token of DECENTRALAND. It is used for the exchange process on the platform. The LAND token is used to claim ownership of virtual land in the Decentraland metaverse.

Architects can earn passive income by posting their designs and product structures (plots) on Decentraland. There is also application software which greatly benefits the platform. Tracking virtual land ownership is made easy with the app.

Punch 1 inch — Network 1 inch

1Inch Network is a crypto project that supports decentralized finance. The native token is the 1INCH token. The token primarily serves as a payment option for users.

The system enables decentralized exchange between two or more blockchain networks without the influence of third parties. All supported cross-chain transactions can be performed multiple times.

Moreover, 1INCH is exchangeable with another crypto asset. Users fully own their coins without constant identity confirmation. The platform is secure for transactions and the fees are affordable for users.

Additionally, this network offers rewards through 1INCH staking. Profit is based on the number of tokens users stake.

Runfy is designed to soon become the best and most functional project in the coin market. Apart from the tools (software), the team members plan to provide a portable fitness kit to users. Moreover, the Runfy app will help balance users’ nutrition by tracking calorie intake, sugar intake, etc.

Using the Runfy project has several advantages. These include the aforementioned obvious health and financial benefits. Traders who buy Runfy tokens with USDT ERC-20 will receive a 22% bonus, a 7% bonus for step 1, and a 25% 10-minute sign-up bonus.

Check out the links below to learn more about Runfy (RUNF)

Presale: http://go.runfytoken.io/
Website: http://runfytoken.io/


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