Home Markets SBINFT launches its NFT marketing platform SBINFT Mits

SBINFT launches its NFT marketing platform SBINFT Mits

SBINFT launches its NFT marketing platform SBINFT Mits
  • SBINFT Co., Ltd., operator of the largest NFT marketplace in Japan, has launched its NFT marketing platform dubbed SBINFT Mits.
  • The platform will help individuals and global brands tap into the power of NFTs to drive their Web3 marketing strategies.
  • SBINFT initially announced Mits at the 2023 WebX Summit held in Japan in July last year.

SBINFT Co., Ltd.,  has announced that its new NFT marketing platform SBINFT Mits is now available globally, paving the way for the global community and international brands to tap into the benefits of NFTs as they bring Web2 projects to Web3.

The NFT marketplace operator, which pivoted its focus to gaming NFTs in June last year following a partnership and rebrand, said in an announcement that SBINFT Mits targets both individuals as well as big business across the market.

SBINFT Mits will allow companies and social media influencers among others to blend their marketing strategies with digital collectibles as they build customers and communities.

The platform’s launch is SBINFT’s “stride into the NFT information technology revolution,” Ko Jangdeok, CEO of SBINFT, said in a statement. According to Jangdeok, digital transformation is taking over the world and SBINFT is taking major steps to be at the forefront of this change.

As we usher in a new era of digital collectibles and marketing, we stand resolute in our commitment to being at the center of this monumental shift,” Jangdeok added.

SBINFT Mits to incentivize users

SBINFT (formerly SmartApp) pivoted into the blockchain NFTs space in June last year after it partnered with Oasys blockchain.

That followed a successful footprint in the market following its launch in 2018, particularly after the company unveiled its NFT marketplace in 2021. It’s after joining Japanese giant SBI group that the company rebranded from SmartApp to SBINFT.

SBINFT announced SBINFT Mits at the 2023 WebX Summit, Asia’s biggest Web3 event held in Japan in late July last year.

The platform features functionalities such as event management and NFT analytics tools. It plans to mint for NFT collections and integration with physical merchandise to allow for mainstream adoption across the world.

SBINFT Mits launched its open beta in October 2023, quickly attracting sign ups from 37 Japanese brands, among them Yucho Brewery, Securitize and H.I.S.

The platform supports utility NFTs across blockchain games and e-tickets, and secondary sales of blue-chip NFT art, photography and music. The company will incentivize users on the new platform via a points system, allowing rewards for users who participate in a brands’ marketing initiatives.


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