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Spotlight on the BlockHeader Web3 Workshop and Hackathon

Spotlight on the BlockHeader Web3 Workshop and Hackathon

BlockHeader Web3 in collaboration with Filecoin Orbit Nigeria recently concluded its 3-day workshop and hackathon which ran from Friday July 29 to Sunday July 31, 2022 at CoLab, Kaduna’s premier innovation hub and coworking space.

This is BlockHeader Web3’s first hackathon in Northern Nigeria. The 3-day event titled: Build the Future is part of the platform’s goal to seek an acceleration towards web3 education through the participation and adoption that is necessary to drive the new wave of innovative solutions.

The event brought together some of the best Nigerian Web3 minds to discuss the topic, as well as developers, designers and enthusiasts who are building or want to build on blockchain.

Speakers include Chukwuemeka Mbaebie, Lead, Filecoin Nigeria; Babajide Ayoade, software developer; Timi Dan, solidarity smart contract developer; Victoria Enebeli, Polygon lawyer developer; Abubakar Khalil, lead developer of Bitcoin; Mudia Imaseun, Lead Product Designer, Block, David Nnamdi, Blockchain Developer; David Pius, blockchain developer.

The first day of the event, Friday July 29, saw a discussion on Build The Future Hackathon, Downtime by CoLab and Design School to wrap up the day.

Sample of participants, day 1 at the workshop and hackathon blockheader web3, colab, kaduna

On the second day of the event, Saturday July 30, Timi Dan participated in the 1st session on Understanding the Web3 stack, while Victoria Enebeli discussed the basics of Dapp development – Setup your local Blockchain environment, test and deploy your contract smart on Polygon.

Sample of participants, day 2 at blockheader web3 workshop & hackathon, colab, kaduna

The final day of the event, Sunday July 31, saw the first session on Towards a Better Ethereum Dapp UX by Mudia Imaseun. He highlighted the need for product designers to focus more on inclusivity when designing Web3 products if they are to achieve mainstream adoption.

Mudia imaseun discusses ethereum dapp ux at blockheader web3 workshop & hackathon, colab, kaduna

Another lecture session was presented by Babajide Ayoade on Filecoin and the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) – Maximizing IPFS as a Decentralized Storage Tool in Building Dapps.

Babajide ayoade discussing filecoin and ipfs at blockheader web3 workshop and hackathon, colab, kaduna

Chukuwuemeka Mbaebie also presented the efficiency of Filecoin in decentralized data storage,

Chukwuemeka mbaebie discusses the effectiveness of filecoin in the workshop and hackathon of decentralized data storage blockheader, colab, kaduna

The final day also saw different teams present their solutions with winners emerging.

The Node team that won the grand prize of $500 presented a solution on decentralized ticketing.

Grand Prize Winner – Team Node
First Runner Up – Noble Team
Second Runner Up – Team Stay

Filecoin Adding a bit of glamor to the event, held a short quiz competition which saw the winners walk away with exciting giveaways.

WhatsApp Picture 2022 07 31 at 17.21.27
Filecoin Quiz Contest

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