Home Business Starstruck by the name of Kumar Sanu, a woman invests ₹40L in crypto and loses money | Bombay News

Starstruck by the name of Kumar Sanu, a woman invests ₹40L in crypto and loses money | Bombay News

Starstruck by the name of Kumar Sanu, a woman invests ₹40L in crypto and loses money |  Bombay News

Mumbai: Using the name of singer Kumar Sanu, two fraudsters won the trust of a businesswoman and tricked her into investing US$9,900 (equivalent to 40.44 lakh) in an Australian company launching cryptocurrency.

The defendants, identified as Deepu Sahu and Biman Das promised returns at the rate of 1.5% per day on an investment of 50 lakh and also said that Kumar Sanu is associated with them and soon Sanu non-fungible token (NFT – digital assets like cryptocurrency will also be launched in the market.

The complainant, Rituparna Mohanty, 33, a resident of Borivali East, runs a medical supplies business with her husband and the accused Sahu has been a client of her business for two years.

In April this year, Sahu informed the complainant of the Australian company and insisted that she attend a zoom meeting with the owner of the company.

The Complainant attended the meeting at which the Defendant Sahu was present along with three foreigners and Biman Das, who claimed to be the owner of the company “Flamingo Business”, which was headquartered in Australia. In India, the company has its office in Kolkata, the complainant was told.

“Das had offered an interest return at the rate of 1.5% per day and a return of 1.5% of the principal each day if she invested 50 lakh in the business. Das claimed that Bollywood playback singer Kumar Sanu also had a non-fungible token (NFT) in the company,” said the FIR (of which HT has a copy).

NFTs are typically created using the same type of programming used for cryptocurrencies. These crypto assets are based on blockchain technology and cannot be traded or traded equivalently like other crypto assets.

Das also claimed that their company has in the past taken investments of 6,000 crore from the market and launched cryptocurrencies like YO Coin and Fast BNB.

In her statement to the police, the female complainant claimed that on April 13, 2022, she attended another company zoom meeting at which singer Kumar Sanu was also present. The singer, however, said nothing during the meeting. “They just showed Sanu’s presence at the meeting and then released a video,” she told police.

During this meeting, which was also attended by four foreigners, Biman Das encouraged investors to invest in their company. “Das said that Playback Singer Kumar Sanu’s NFT will hit the market soon and you will get good returns from your investment. He further said that on April 17, Sanu held a music event in Kolkata and during this event, he would talk about the company’s investment. So all investors should also attend this event. But I was unable to attend this event,” Mohanty said in his statement.

“Seeing the presence of the singer in the online meeting, I trusted the company and invested 40.44 lakh. Deepu Sahu told me that the status of all my investments and returns can be viewed on Metamask mobile app. Therefore, I downloaded the app, but my ROIs were not reflected in the app. Therefore, when I asked Sahu about this, he told me that investors will only get benefits if they invest 50 lakh.

When the victim made several follow-ups, Sahu told him that she would not get his money back. She realized she had been cheated and contacted the police.

The police registered a case under Sections 420 (cheating) and 406 (criminal breach of trust) and 34 (common intent) of the Indian Penal Code against Sahu and Das.

Mohanty, however, declined to comment on the matter on the grounds that his complaint was under investigation. No comment has come from the singer’s rep at this time.

Senior Police Inspector Anil Ahwad from Kasturba Marg Police Station said: ‘No role for the singer was found in the investigation and therefore he cannot be called a defendant in the case. Whether or not the singer had knowledge of the misuse of his name in the fraud, even that is unclear at this stage. We have registered a case against two defendants based in Kolkata and investigating the case.


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