Superlative Digital Wealth Partner BitMonsters Coming Soon

Superlative Digital Wealth Partner BitMonsters Coming Soon


Winning a big fortune is what every individual dreams of. However, with great fortune often comes great risk. In today’s world, people invest heavily in the world of digital assets in hopes of high yielding passive income. But their limited knowledge of digital assets as well as the extremely volatile financial markets cause them to lose their savings. In such cases, the services of experts should be sought. The services of a digital wealth partner should be embraced to help discover the best and easiest ways to get the most out of digital assets. BitMonsters is people’s first choice when choosing a digital wealth partner.

Introducing BitMonsters

The company is a marketing platform that helps investors make the most of the many global financial markets. BitMonsters aspires to educate, promote and engage the community through its well-designed packages and services that it has to offer. It helps people increase their passive income to 25% by improving their returns. The company aims to harness digital assets by gathering the most rewarding opportunities and making them available to the general public. BitMonsters envisions its thriving and sustainable ecosystem. The ecosystem has a crypto trading platform and distributes its platform resources to users. The company, through its Membership Reward program, offers sublime earning opportunities to everyone.

Accomplished and competent team

Louis Casper D├╝nweber, CEO of BitMonsters and millionaire businessman with over 7 years of experience in stock trading and 4 years in cryptocurrency trading, holds the reins of the company. BitMonsters also employs an experienced tokenomics advisor, Leandro Marcarian, who has over 10 years of experience in economic research and over 5 years of experience in crypto analysis and tokenomics development. Erik Ho, the project advisor, started his journey with the company after seeing the potential to compete with the major decentralized exchanges of the time. BitMonsters also employs the services of Federico Orsi, the financial adviser, and Muhammad Subhan, the CMO. These two people are highly qualified in their respective fields. Together, this team of preeminent experts is destined to take BitMonsters to new heights.

BitMonsters Crypto Wallet, Token and Staking Platform

The firm has planned an exciting and innovative roadmap. Among the countless events to be launched, there are 3 that are of interest to the general public. The company plans to launch the BitMonsters Crypto Wallet. With this cryptocurrency wallet software, individuals can trade many cryptocurrencies without any hindrance. BitM, the company’s utility token, will also be launched soon. The token will be used on the platform, the DEX platform and will be given as a reward. Additionally, a staking platform is also to be launched and will be a great source of passive income for community members.

Innovative roadmap

BitMonsters has reached the completion of a quarter of its roadmap which includes major event launches like the loyalty and rewards program. Upcoming events include White Paper Release, Core Course Academy Launch, BitMonsters Initial DEX Offering, BitM Utility Token Unlock, Staking Platform Launch, BitMonsters DEX, the Certik audit of the token contract, the launch of the BitMonsters Academy, the launch of the BitMonsters P2E arcade game and the launch of the BitMonsters incubator. .

Simple steps to start earning

BitMonsters believes earning opportunities should be for everyone. To achieve this, the company makes earning very simple. Customers simply need to register with BitMonsters, make a deposit, opt for a plan and get rewarded. Users can make investments as low as $100 and can withdraw them whenever they want. The firm considers the success of its clients as its top priority. This becomes the driving force behind the constant growth of the BitMonsters community.

Successful events around the world

With over 5236 users from 45 countries, the BitMonsters community continues to grow. The daily influx of new users is mainly due to the countless events organized by the firm. BitMonsters has held events in Lithuania, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Monaco, Latvia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Austria.

BitMonsters with its well-planned Tokenomics, immutable ecosystem and innovative utilities is set to become the leading decentralized exchange in the times to come.

To get more information about BitMonsters, visit the project official site.

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Louis Casper Dunweber


The information provided in this press release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you exercise due diligence (including consulting a professional financial adviser before investing or trading in securities and cryptocurrencies.



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