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TheSpectrumEra: Steampunk Metaverse Offers Better Gameplay and Profits

TheSpectrumEra: Steampunk Metaverse Offers Better Gameplay and Profits

The Spectrum Age is a steampunk universe with exquisite gameplay and a mixture of magical nuances. Its story and content are presented through a variety of narrative methods based on multiple games. The platform aspires to build a virtual ecosystem interconnected by several blockchain-based video games.

In this world, players can have endless fun, discover limitless possibilities, and use it as a bridge between the virtual and physical worlds. The platform strives to create cutting-edge crypto games that balance gameplay and economy and seek deeper integration of blockchain technology and games to bring more practical applications of blockchain technology.

TheSpectrumEra uses blockchain technology and solutions to create a matrix of games that share a unified worldview and on-chain interoperable assets. It establishes an open and inspiring collaborative community and DAO, incubates and manages multiple IPs in a decentralized way for co-creation and sharing, and co-builds a steampunk-themed metaverse.

The Game Matrix

The platform offers a wide variety of game genres, from IO, MOBA, casual and management games, to mid-sized SLG games and upcoming AAA games. Game assets exist in the form of NFTs that can be traded within the same game. Different groups of players in different games can also trade their game assets with relative freedom.

All games share a unified worldview and style that allows players of one game to transfer assets to another game in the same ecosystem. And through cooperation, players can enrich the worldview, as well as the player’s recognition of IP addresses, such as characters, objects and history, while further strengthening the NFT game assets. The first game in the steampunk metaverse TheSpectrumEra, Kabalos Military Academy (KMA), has caused a wave of popularity among traditional and crypto gaming enthusiasts.

The first game in the steampunk metaverse TheSpectrumEra, Kabalos Military Academy (KMA), has caused a wave of popularity among traditional and crypto gaming enthusiasts.

Kabalos Military Academy (KMA) is a casual IO game based on TheSpectrumEra’s worldview. Using blockchain technology, it features 5V5 multiplayer and weapon assembly. Players can assemble weapons of their own design, create a variety of unique weapons, and choose their own weapons and combat styles.

KMA’s free-to-play concept allows all players to participate in the game and experience most of its content and have fun for free. Almost every aspect of the game, including the ability to earn $KMAPs by participating in PVP and completing missions, is freely available to all players. The game also offers a variety of ways like daily missions, daily ranked matches, and seasonal ranking systems to earn $KMAP with high profits.

Stand out features

A long-term metaverse project: The SpectrumEra team is made up of a collective of professional practitioners who are passionate about the steampunk culture and very optimistic about the future of crypto gaming. Each member of the team has rich development experience and technical knowledge in traditional and blockchain games.

Free-to-play production philosophy: The game’s unwavering Free-to-Play concept allows every player to experience most of the game’s content for free and have fun. Whether they are a traditional game player or a crypto player, players can play the game without any hindrance, enjoy most of the content, earn the $KMAP game tokens and enjoy the endless fun that KMA brings.

Sustainable P2E mode: P2E is at the heart of a crypto game because it determines whether the project can grow sustainably. The platform has deployed a multi-game, multi-tasking and multi-incentive game token earning model in the development of KMA where players can earn $KMAP (cryptocurrency) in different ways while playing the game .

The quest for better playability: The development team’s main goal has always been to make the game easy to play. Therefore, KMA is designed with an extensive weapon customization system, so all players can assemble weapons and attack modes of their own design.

PVP modes such as Battle Royale, Skirmish, Demon Lord and others will be added in later updated versions, creating a challenging and exciting competitive atmosphere with multiple different maps and interesting designs.

Collectible NFTs: Each NFT in the game is unique because there are a limited number of NFTs for different themed series of different games in TheSpectrumEra, to ensure the rarity of each NFT. Similar to how the Genesis Mystery Box was sold in KMA, once each box in the series has been opened, new NFTs will not be released. The game also facilitates cross-game use of NFTs across the steampunk universe.

A freely collaborative community-DAO: The platform strives to create a DAO community with the freedom to grow, collaborate smoothly, and offer mutual incentives. Every steampunk enthusiast has the opportunity to participate in the community by submitting suggestions and feedback, soliciting design inspiration, and participating in decision-making and governance.

Decentralized intellectual property incubation and management: The platform uses the following steps for the incubation and management of related IPs in a decentralized way:

  • Confirm that IP ownership and revenue rights through NFTs distribute the same IP to NFT holders, that NFT holders jointly decide how the IP operates and benefit from the distribution of IP revenue throughout of its life cycle.
  • Through on-chain association and proof-of-work, it greatly stimulates the creativity of the majority of users and provides each contributor with the compensation they deserve, and continuously provides new content for each IP that users like. .
  • Gradually open source its IPs because all players can make “forks” in the IPs. exploited.

Last word

The platform actively embraces new technologies to create an open community that works with a large number of steampunk enthusiasts and pan entertainment practitioners to create the epitome of steampunk functionality.

TheSpectrumEra explores the possibilities and strives to create a livable steampunk metaverse where users can play multiple games unhindered, read and watch many works, participate in design, feedback, testing, and invite others to join. join.

With the help of blockchain technology and solutions, residents of TheSpectrumEra will be the true owners of their data, assets and rights. So, users who become a part of this exciting project will reap the benefits that come with TheSpectrumEra’s growth in addition to the many experiences the platform has to offer.

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