Timeless Investments – Carlito NFT Scam?

Timeless Investments – Carlito NFT Scam?

On May 26, Timeless Investments announced their first NFT collection with artist Cro. The workshop tokens were sold out in a very short time and were a real success for the company. 3 months later, the revelation took place. From technical issues to NFTs that have yet to be received, everything is included. The budding success story is therefore characterized by failure and the question of whether it was just about making money cannot get out of your head. Below is a thread explaining why the Carlito NFT scam story might be true.

What is Timeless Investing?

Timeless is the first company in the world to use blockchain technology to allow everyone to invest in collectibles and thus participate in their valuation. With this business model, the collectibles asset class must be democratized and the market for rare collectibles, such as watches, art and vehicles, must be made accessible to everyone. Timeless, a brand of New Horizon GmBH based in Berlin, is a digital platform that verifies, acquires and then splits unique assets into shares that anyone can buy from €50 and trade with other users. The company takes care of the custody, insurance and maintenance of the assets. Shares can be purchased securely, conveniently and digitally through the Timeless app.

1,000 NFT by Carlito – Cro x Timeless

As Carlito, Cro pursues another artistic expression than music: he paints pictures. Therefore, Timeless decided to collaborate and symbolize the first work created for splitting, “Michelle”. About 400 fans currently own shares in this value.

Due to the resounding success, two weeks later it was decided to enter into another cooperation with the artist Cro. This time, the goal was to release an NFT PAP (Profile Art Picture) collection of 1,000 unique interpretations of Michelle.

mint works well

Guaranteed mint for Michelle Holder and early access for Timeless users then began on July 5. Additionally, selected winners of the Premint Raffle could also claim a mint token. The Public Mint followed two days later. Soon after, all 1000 NFTs were sold.

That’s why Timeless Investments celebrated the fall as a complete success and shared tweets like this: