Home Technology VisionsDAO Introduces Modular Stack for Gamefi That Delivers Sustainable Savings

VisionsDAO Introduces Modular Stack for Gamefi That Delivers Sustainable Savings

VisionsDAO Introduces Modular Stack for Gamefi That Delivers Sustainable Savings

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A rising GameFi infrastructure startup, VisionsDAO has been building for over a year what could become a fundamental primitive for game developers looking to implement strong crypto-economic designs and plug-and-play modules. that will propel a new wave of sustainable development. Chained web3 games to hit the market and thrive.

Reduced Development Costs for Web3 Game Designers

VisionsDAO aims to enable engaging gameplay and circular game economies through high-quality crypto-economic modules that accelerate time to market while reducing development costs and risks for Web3 game creators and developers. legacy game studios that want to make the leap to blockchain-powered games. .

VisionsDAO wants to challenge the current “Play-to-Earn” game format.

VisionsDAO co-founder Nico Rodriguez said:

“When earnings became the primary design goal for players, guilds, and project teams, games felt more like jobs than sources of joy, and the end result was higher acquisition costs. and lower retention rates.”

One of the problems many games faced was related to hyper-inflationary token designs that were unsustainable, forcing an increasing number of new players to purchase an ever-increasing supply of tokens flooding the market. Because of this, token prices have plummeted and the failure rates of first-wave GameFi companies have become a scary topic for gamers, investors, and founders.

In order to solve this problem, VisionsDAO has developed a stack of 5 modules that can be included selectively or entirely by game developers, ultimately adding up to creating a fully chained business simulation game. The Visions-SDK allows everyone to instantiate their own simulation game, configuring the parameters of the modules to work exactly as they wish.

Nico Rodriguez, who is also leading the technical development of the project, spoke about its desired impact on the entire Web3 ecosystem:

“We make business and blockchain economy simulation game development so streamlined that we also believe that not only will legacy game studios and web3 game builders benefit from our stack, but also that we will foster the emergence of DAO Social Games as a new community building tool, increasing their size and engagement, while helping DAOs and Protocols expand their treasury through new mechanisms such as crafting items by forging digital assets fungible and non-fungible.

Builders using the VisionsDAO SDK can launch games that work on-chain, with interoperable capabilities on EVM-enabled blockchains, taking advantage of circular economy features and reducing the risk of hyperinflation. The modules are built with the same mindset that enables rigorous DeFi protocols to succeed.

Phil Lewandowski, co-founder and head of ecosystem development, added:

“We are building innovative GameFi infrastructure and tools so that developers and artists can do more together. With our first modular stack, we aim to kickstart the deployment of an ever-expanding universe of interoperable ecosystems, not only gaming, but also in other thriving and emerging sectors of the Web 3. GameFi can be integrated into all segments, from DeFi to ReFi, accelerating the adoption of new decentralized technologies, as well as new values.

VisionsDAO raised $2.2 million in its seed round from industry giants Animoca Brands, Spartan, pioneering founders and angels like Trent McConaughy, Bruce Pon and John Lilic, in addition to receiving tremendous support accelerators and strategic partners such as Alliance DAO and Kilonova Ventures.

The Founders invite all game builders, hardcore gamers, DAO members, investors, and GameFi enthusiasts to get in touch to learn more about the protocol and for future partnership opportunities through their website.

VisionsDAO is a decentralized and open-source infrastructure provider that chains business simulation games. It merges token engineering resilience into the game to unlock new streams of value creation. VisionsDAO’s circular business models and gamified dividend pools enable developers to gamify the entire ecosystem.

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