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Volt Inu set to launch Volted Dragons Sailors Club NFTs

Volt Inu set to launch Volted Dragons Sailors Club NFTs

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Malmö, Sweden, August 2, 2022, Chainwire — Volt Inu has proudly announced that their Volted Dragons Sailors Club NFT collection is coming to market. The upcoming mint will have several characteristics, as explained by the team.

The Volted Dragons Sailors Club NFT collection is crucial because it offers a new and unique experience for NFT investors. The collection has several features that will appeal to investors. Among these, the team mentioned the possibility of buying mints during the first three rounds.

Anticipate the hitting rounds

The Volted Dragons Sailors Club is a new NFT mint launched on the market by Volt Inu. The team is excited to announce the next meeting with investors, in order to increase its large community by targeting a whole new niche of users. The whitelist for the first round is available to those who have held VOLT coins since February 25 without selling them. There will be three rounds of hitting, with 2k, 4k, and 4k NFTs available, respectively.

The price for each round will start at 0.15 ETH and gradually increase in subsequent rounds. For those looking to get involved, Volt Inu will allow a maximum of 10 NFTs per trade each round. Additionally, the team shared a trailer with the community via its Twitter page. The Volt Inu (or “Voltarmy”) community is eager to claim these new NFTs.

The story of this new NFT collection

Volt Inu also shared an interesting story to support the new Volted collection. The Volted Dragons have created a club allowing them to travel the world and navigate the seas undetected by others. To do this, they commandeer huge cruise ships and combine them into one huge cruise ship. They interact with video games in the metaverse by connecting to electricity and other energy sources through their unique abilities. This ability allows dragons to build virtual Sailor Club lounges where they can interact with people in person.

The dragons use their strength to catch rare fish and prepare exquisite feasts for the humans who visit their club.

Due to their craving for the Sailors Club’s success, several dragons created the Draco Aviator Mile High Crew. This new group began destroying human cities, causing extreme terror everywhere. The Sailor Club started creating virtual dragons and pets, focusing more on the virtual side of things.

Years passed without an assault from the Draco Aviators, but the Sailor Club was not going to take any chances.

They continued to advance in the direction of human defense, pledging to protect them from any dragon-related attack that might occur. Everyone wanted to play in the digital world with the Dragons as the Sailor Club transformed into contemporary reptile superheroes.

About Volt Inu and the Volted Dragons Sailors Club Collection

The development of Volt Inu is a hot topic in the crypto industry. This project has had a complete project overhaul, with frequent updates coming from this team.

Volt Inu’s ever-expanding ecosystem includes not only this NFT collection, but several other great features as well. The Volted Dragons Sailors Club collection will be powered by Chainlink to achieve its success. The first integration will see the Volt Inu smart contract integrate Chainlink’s VRF technology to ensure a fair and random minting for all their future NFT holders.

As a result, each NFT will use a random generation system, maintaining a level playing field for all investors.

The Volt Inu website and social media accounts are available for anyone interested in following the team’s activities:

Twitter (VOLTED DRAGONS SAILORS CLUB) | Twitter (VOLT INU) | Website | Telegram

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