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Ways to Generate Passive Income on the Blockchain: Smart Pools on Metalswap

Ways to Generate Passive Income on the Blockchain: Smart Pools on Metalswap

Investment opportunities in the crypto industry are diversifying. From its foundations just over a decade ago to today, decentralized finance has come a long way, replacing an orthodox exclusive and insecure system, with a new decentralized economic system that facilitates peer-to-peer transactions.

With the growth of DeFi, investment opportunities have diversified, from early buying tokens to cross-chain trading. In Metalswap, investors can participate in the commodity market in different ways, as an active or conservative investor.

Metalswap offers the possibility of generating income “passively” through the pools offered by the platform, for which it is necessary to have native XMT tokens and to choose a parity to carry out the transaction, with the network on which you wish to operate among the three available: Polygon, Ethereum or BNB Chain.

Staking Pools, Iron pool, Smart Pool and Staking NFT are the group of opportunities available to the user to earn passive income within the platform. The rewards received for locking XMT in the different pools are automatically generated based on the level of participation in the pool.

But let’s talk more specifically about participation in a pool, the Iron Pool. This specific pool available on the Ethereum network has two particularities; the first is the temporal duration, the duration of the swimming pool is annual; and the second is the minimum return on investment because participation is limited to a particular number of users who can participate in the specific pool. In this way, the minimum APY (40%) to be paid is guaranteed by the fixed amount of XMT blocked by the available spaces in the pool.

In the BNB Chain network, two pools are available, a Smart Pool with an approximate 25% APY and a traditional block pool with an APY of 44% for a period of 210 days; in which investors can use XMT to gain profits within the platform. The difference between the two pools is that the first one, the Smart Pool, provides via smart contracts an additional bonus to the official pool, and therefore it is more profitable, so the participant gets additional rewards within the time pre-established by the pool .

A Metalswap account also offers the opportunity to generate revenue with NFTs on the Polygon network, so liquidity providers for the XMT-USDC pair can stake their NFT tokens to earn a higher percentage of profit in XMT as provided by the MetalSwap DAO.

Because Metalswap is a multi-chain protocol, for each chain there is an option to continue generating passive income on a stable basis; it also has a bridge that allows assets to be transferred from one channel to another without complications. All this is possible thanks to decentralized finance: the lower cost of offering a financial product with fewer intermediaries allows investors to be more profitable.

Thanks to the security offered by the blockchain when using decentralized financial applications, newbie users can enter a world that has historically been created and manipulated by a few for their own benefit. The democratization of finance seeks to include and expand it so that everyone from the comfort of their mobile phone can access these instruments and operate without the need for bank cover, for example.

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