Home Blockchain WEMADE unveiled the NILE project at Korea Blockchain Week 2022

WEMADE unveiled the NILE project at Korea Blockchain Week 2022

WEMADE unveiled the NILE project at Korea Blockchain Week 2022
  • NILE project unveiled on KBW 2022 teaser page
  • On view at KBW 2022 NFT Gallery August 12-14
  • Advanced lifestyle through artworks based on NFT, DAO and social platform

Seoul, South Korea, August 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wemade unveiled the teaser page for the NFT platform, NILE (NFT is Life Evolution) during Korea Blockcahin Week 2022 (KBW). On the teaser page, users can see NFT collections as well as DAO projects, and the overall NILE ecosystem that will lead to the evolution of our daily lives.

First, London Underground 264 by illustrators Zeeha and Locho will be featured. London Underground 264 is a pixel art representation of 264 London Underground stations, and the artwork can be purchased later through the NILE platform. Special advantages, such as rewards when exchanging artists’ new works, will be granted to buyers.

And the first DAO on WEMIX, WONDER DAO (WEMIX On-chain Network of Decentralized Ecosystem Regulator) is unveiled. WONDER DAO is one of the 40WONDERS that make up the WEMIX ecosystem, and the first revealed by Wemade. Users who join the DAO will receive rights as node council partners, such as participation in decision-making.

Frienkly Tangled’s Web3 social platform will debut on the NILE platform. On Tangled, one can create their own unique NFT character, which can be used to socialize the service among friends. As a social platform based on T2E (Talk to Earn) where time spent turns into economic benefits, Tangled offers a new lifestyle.

London Underground 264 and Tangled can be enjoyed for 3 days at the NFT gallery located in DDP from the 12th (Friday).

NILE is an NFT platform where DAO-based art/sports/music/investment/real estate/fashion projects and more can be generated and managed. The official launch is imminent, and with a rich NFT collection and an advanced lifestyle, it is expected to lead the expansion of the WEMIX ecosystem.

SOURCE Wemade Co.,Ltd


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