What is the best investment option?

What is the best investment option?

Shiba Inu or Tamadoge? Or both? The world of cryptocurrencies offers various investment opportunities for consumers. So let’s take a look at the latest cryptocurrency investment ideas.

In recent months, we have seen a rapid increase in the launch of crypto projects stemming from meme culture. Memecoins usually start out as a joke. But a few have been successful and have captured the imagination of millions. Some have even modernized ways to use them productively, whether it’s paying for things, like with Dogecoinor for use in an associated metaverse, such as with Shiba Inu.

Although you probably can’t withdraw on memecoin investments for now, it can be interesting in the long run hedge against inflation.

Before starting to invest in a new project, it is essential to understand what type of cryptocurrency we are buying and what type of utility it can provide to the user.

In this article we will analyze which is the best option for the investor between the famous Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Tamadoge (TAMA).

shiba inus

Shiba Inu is considered one of the best known memecoins in the cryptocurrency market. It was launched in August 2020 by someone whose identity is unknown – but they use the pseudonym Ryoshi.

The community behind Shiba is one of the strongest communities in the crypto ecosystem.

With 3.4 million followers on Twitter, the community is growing rapidly. They are so loyal to their ecosystem that they have been nicknamed the SHIB Army.

Shibaswap Volume Crashed Over $1.6 Billion in Yearly Low - beincrypto.com

Price prediction

At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency was trading at a value of $0.00001308. The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency is $7,177,289,174.71 with a market dominance of 0.70%.

For the remainder of 2022, the SHIB price is should reach a maximum of $0.00001530 and a minimum of $0.00001393. The average trade price should be $0.00001441.

By 2023, the SHIB price is should reach a maximum of $0.00002444 and a minimum of $0.00002063. The average trade price should be $0.00002135.

If the price of the cryptocurrency rises as expected, it will be the result of the success of his latest project, the Metaverse Shiba.


tamadoge is one of the newer memecoins in the cryptocurrency market. The pre-launch of the cryptocurrency was carried out a little over a month ago. Aiming to raise close to two million dollars in its initial presale, the memecoin has raised high expectations in the crypto market.

The Tamadoge community has proven to be one of the fastest growing communities, having grown to nearly 50,000 users in less than a month since its pre-launch.

Tamadoge has the backing of a serious project behind it, called the TamaVerse. In this metaverse, users are expected to be able to create, play and interact with different pets within it under one play to win format.

shiba inu vs tamadoge

Shiba Inu Vs Tamadoge: The Experts Weigh In

Marcos Bravo Catalan is the Director of Audit and Consulting Form Beps Global Consultores. “Both Shiba and Tamadoge have proven to be significant cryptocurrencies. Before investing in a memecoin, it is important to be sure that we are not investing in a cryptocurrency that could cause us to lose money. Remember that memecoins generally add no real value in society, unlike other serious cryptocurrencies.

Nicolas Tang is the director of external communications for the crypto trading and investment platform Phemex. “The Shiba token describes itself as a decentralized meme token that has evolved into a vibrant ecosystem. It’s hard to deny the impact the project has had. Of its turbulent history involving Vitalik Buterin token burn and Don, until the launch of its DEX, SHIB certainly knows how to attract attention. I’ve mentioned my dislike of meme tokens in the past, but I have to admit it’s hard not to be charmed by this cute dog-inspired move. Ultimately, this has helped increase the overall adoption of crypto, and I think that’s a net benefit for all of us. ”

SHIB vs TAMA: Which is the best investment?

Shiba and Tamadoge share some characteristics. Both are memecoins and both cryptocurrencies have Metaverse projects behind them.

Tamadoge is one of the newest in the world of memecoins. Shiba has been on the market for quite some time.

Shiba only recently announced the launch of its metaverse. And, Tamadoge raised nearly $2 million in less than a month.

For less risky and more traditional investors, Shiba is positioned as the right choice. But for those with a taste for risk, Tamadoge is a good choice.

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