Where Investing and Web3 Intersect

Where Investing and Web3 Intersect

Acquire.Fi combines investing with Web3 to deliver creative and innovative wealth building tools on one platform.

Acquire.Fi is one of the most exciting and innovative blockchain-based financial platforms out there! What is most important to note about Acquire.Fi is that it will allow motivated sellers to sell their assets and investors to diversify their portfolios with carefully vetted crypto businesses and intellectual property.

Crypto, blockchain, NFT and Web3 M&A (mergers and acquisitions) deal flow are just one of the advantages for investors of this innovative platform. This article explains what Acquire.Fi really is and what it claims to offer. So, without further ado, let’s get to the details.

Acquire.Fi in a nutshell

Acquire.Fi is a native alpha crypto M&A product. What is extremely interesting is how the company started its journey. The deals begin with private talks between advisors and their relationships with crypto startup founders and intellectual property owners who want to liquidate.

Mergers and acquisitions began naturally when the creators of Acquire.Fi offered a privileged deal flow to prestigious investors in their private network.

By combining unrivaled access inside the Web3 niche with unique Alpha, original deals have been created helping friends sell crypto businesses and intellectual property and helping investors find the kind of tech company or intellectual property they were looking for.


Acquire.Fi will showcase a variety of solutions for cryptocurrency investors with diverse backgrounds and goals. Let’s take a quick look at each of them and see what they have to offer:

  • Verified offers – the platform guarantees the quality of its marketplace listings and its investment pools since it implements pre-listing Web3 Due Diligence
  • Exclusive M&A Opportunities – The platform’s backstage pass gives high-profile holders one-time access to undisclosed deals and its Investor Network Broadcast service.
  • Investment pools – A service for those who wish to create crypto portfolio acquisitions using crowdfunding and fractional ownership.
  • Buyer Support – Acquire.Fi offers full support for IP buyers and businesses looking to expand their connections.
  • Web3 Business Valuation Services – Extremely interesting features that offer valuable companies that are symbolized by deep technical expertise, fully legal tools and knowledge of mergers and acquisitions.

Problems and Solutions by Acquire.Fi

The issues that arise in M&A, web3, blockchain and Challenge the universes are still quite visible. For example, before Acquire.Fi, there was no platform where you could view and search Web3, crypto, blockchain, NFT and Challenge companies or IPs that are for sale.

DeFi investors are unable to diversify their holdings into more traditional investments using cryptocurrency, and there is no retail platform to grow wealth through acquisitions. That’s where Acquire.Fi comes in!

The team around Acquire Fi is a perfect fit for the job as it includes web3 advisors, experts and investors:

  • Jan Strandberg, CEOis a former chief marketing officer at Paxful and former chief growth officer for the YIELD app, which managed $500 million in assets within six months of its public launch.
  • Nassim Bouslama, technical directorFounder of safu.net, a website that attempts to provide a number of tools for BSC ecosystem. Nassim has a solid IT and CISCO networking background, with over 20 years of professional experience in online FPS games.
  • Marina Danylyuk-Kerem, CLO, has worked as corporate counsel for over 14 years with a strong background in business law, corporate law and criminal law. Marina also has over 7 years of experience working with blockchain and fintech companies.

You can find more information about the core team and advisors at Acquire.Fi on their website.

The team’s goal is to be the premier M&A marketplace for the crypto and blockchain industry. One of the most effective instruments of wealth creation (acquisitions) will now be available to retail investors on a single platform, and DeFi users can engage in traditional investments through the use of the cryptography.

$ACQ token

Acquire.Fi has its own native token – $ACQ. Users can stake the token with tiered access to the platform’s exclusive investments. The levels range from 1 to 5. Acquire.Fi is designed to be accessible to micro-investors, so the barrier to entry is only 100 tokens initially (Level 1)

  • Level 2 – $1,000ACQ
  • Level 3 – $5,000ACQ
  • Level 4 – $10,000ACQ
  • Level 5 – $42,000ACQ

Deal flow opportunities will improve, ticket sizes will increase, and stronger commitment to governance will be seen at higher levels. Reduced escrow fees, no listing fees, referral eligibility and tiered community selling rewards are also seen in the higher tiers.

Level 5 is the most exclusive as it provides private access to unpublished offers. With direct access to confidential transactions, this is behind-the-scenes access to what is happening in cryptocurrency mergers and acquisitions.


The team has a well-structured roadmap with clear objectives for the months and years to come:

Q3 2022

  • Team expansion and MVP platform

Q4 2022

  • Presentation of the platform v2.0

Q1 2023

  • Implementing Loans and Loan Features
  • Alternative chain integration
  • Multi-Chain Escrow

Until Q4 2023

  • Completely decentralized marketplace
  • Implementing a bounty hunter program with due diligence
  • Raising to Acquire an Investment CAD

Final Thoughts

Web3 Advisors, Experts and Investors are part of the Acquire.Fi team and the group is perfectly suited for the upcoming goals based on the Acquire.Fi roadmap. Based on our research, Acquire.Fi will be the premier M&A marketplace for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, which is one of the main goals of the team.

Retail investors will now have access to one of the best wealth building tools on a single platform, and DeFi clients can make traditional investments using cryptocurrency.

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