Why Investors Are Ditching This Coin For TAMA

Why Investors Are Ditching This Coin For TAMA

There are many types of cryptocurrencies in the market. There are traditional crypto coins, all of which have their own blockchain, and there are non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs.
There are more hitting the market every day, posing the challenge of having one place to trade all of these assets at once. This is where Value Circuits, or COVALs, come in.

COVAL is the native token of the platform known as Emblem Vault, which allows users to consolidate all their crypto products in one place to then buy, sell or trade at the same time. Many people refer to it as a kind of encrypted zip file because it combines everything in one place.
COVAL has value, but what are its future prospects? Let’s take a look at this and another new coin that is about to hit the market and looks like an exceptional investment opportunity – Tamadoge (TAMA)

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COVAL Price Prediction
COVAL began trading on the open market in February 2015, actually a few years before the launch of Emblem Vault. It stayed around the same value for a few years, then fell precipitously. However, it has gained some value since and offers good prospects for the future.
Below is a COVAL price prediction indicating where the value could go in the next few years.

Year Price
2022 $0.01776
2023 $0.027
2025 $0.0339

Next year, COVAL is expected to increase its value by around 52%. Then, its value is expected to increase by approximately 25.7% between 2023 and 2025. If this prediction were to hold true, the total value of COVAL would increase by approximately 91.2% by 2025.
That would be a very impressive prospect for a traditional investment, but not so much for cryptocurrency. Moreover, you will need to hold this asset for at least three years to even almost double your money, during which time you could be subject to huge declines in value.
There’s a new meme coin launching soon that looks like it could provide up to 10x ROI once it hits the market fully. It is called Tamadoge and takes a whole new approach to the meme coin market.
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Tamadoge Outlook
Tamadoge is not just another coin. It takes a significantly different approach to the market, which is why it has sold so well in beta sales so far.
In fact, the TAMA beta sale ended on August 11, well ahead of the originally scheduled end date of September 2.
Tamadoge builds on the success of the famous Tamagotchi pet which was hugely popular in the 1990s. TAMA owners will be able to hit their doges however they want, as well as train and breed them. Once launched, owners will be able to battle their NFTs and climb the leaderboard.
Tamadoge integrates Play-to-Earn which will use the Tamaverse. Owners can get full AR experience including playing their doge with their friends.
TAMA recreates the Doge system, and this is one of the main reasons why the meme coin has such a bright outlook compared to others like COVAL.
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How to find TAMA
now has closed its beta sale. The presale is expected to end in the fourth quarter of 2022 and is currently in its fourth installment.
During this presale period, they hold a $100,000 TamaDoge Giveaway . To participate, you must register and purchase TAMA, then share it with your friends for a chance to win.
The prize amount is the equivalent of $100,000 from TamaDoge. You must have at least $100 worth of TamaDoge on the day of the draw to be eligible.
By the first quarter of 2023, the TamaDoge NFT Petstore is expected to open. It will initially be listed on CEX by then, and TamaDoge fight rankings will also begin.
Metaverse partnerships are expected to begin in the second quarter of 2023, with additional CEX listings and P2E giveaways also planned. TAMA also plans to be listed on all major exchanges by then.
The full launch of TamaDoge, including a collection of P2E arcade games, is planned for the third quarter of 2023. It will be accompanied by physical TamaDoge rewards as well as token prizes.
Finally, by the fourth quarter of 2023, the TamaDoge AP application is expected to be launched, which will allow you to play with your TamaDoge pet.
However, to get in on all the action downstairs, you need to purchase your TamaDoge soon.
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How to buy Tamadoge
To get started, make sure you have a MetaMask wallet installed on your browser or use one of the wallets supported by Wallet Connect (we recommend Trust Wallet).
Shopping on a desktop browser will give you a smoother shopping experience. For this, we recommend Metamask.
If you’re buying on mobile, we recommend using Trust Wallet and logging in via the built-in browser (just copy https://buy.tamadoge.io into the Trust Wallet browser).
Once your preferred wallet provider is ready, click on “Connect Wallet” and select the appropriate option. For mobile wallet apps, you will need to select “Wallet Connect”.
You will then have three Buy ETH with card options. This option will allow you to buy ETH which will be sent to your wallet by our partner Transak.
You can then use this ETH to buy TAMA. Click “Buy Eth with Card” to begin and follow the on-screen steps. We recommend buying a minimum of $15 worth of ETH to cover the minimum purchase of TAMA. Buy TAMA with ETH.
Once you have enough ETH in your wallet (if you don’t have ETH or USDT, please select option 1 to buy ETH first), you can now trade your ETH against Tama. Type in the amount of TAMA you want to buy (minimum 1,000) then click “Convert Eth”.
Your wallet provider will ask you to confirm the transaction and also tell you the cost of gas. Buy TAMA with USDT. Make sure you have at least 15 USDT in your wallet before starting the transaction.
Type in the amount of TAMA you want to buy (minimum 1,000). Click “Convert USDT”. You will then be asked to approve the purchase TWICE. The first approval is for the USDT contract and the second is for the transaction amount. Please make sure to follow the two approval steps in order to finalize the transaction.
Once the presale is over, you will be able to claim your TAMA tokens. We’ll post the details later, but you’ll need to visit the main site https://tamadoge.io and click the gold “Claim” button.
Tamadoge Contract
Use the contract information below to add the TAMA token to your wallet.
Address: 0x12b6893cE26Ea6341919FE289212ef77e51688c8
Decimals: 18
Symbolic symbol: TAMA
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Learn more about Meme Coins
Originally, meme pieces were just a joke. In fact, Dogecoin was never intended to have any value. Ultimately, however, they got a lot of attention, which created value, which convinced other people to create new meme pieces.
Meme coins are cryptos that are simply inspired by memes – which are funny ideas circulating the internet through videos or pictures. Many have an unlimited supply, which creates a lot of volatility in their value.
Those same coins that were able to create a stable environment, however, were able to thrive, and that’s what Tamadoge has already proven.
Meme coins run on the same blockchain technology as other traditional cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum or Solana networks.
As COVAL sought to become one of the leaders in the space, it simply wasn’t able to do so. Certainly, the COVAL price prediction for the future is positive, but it is not too impressive compared to Tamadoge for the next few years.
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COVAL versus TAMA: which is better?
TAMA really takes a completely different approach to meme pieces, which is why they have such a positive outlook. Although COVAL is also very unique in that it allows the sale, purchase and exchange of different crypto assets in one place, this is not enough to continuously create value.
The biggest downside to meme coins is that they have no value attached to anything. They are almost never used to buy goods or services, meaning if their ecosystem fails, so do they.

TAMA combines P2E and NFT concepts in a single environment, which makes it stand out from others in the market. TAMA owners can interact with others on the metaverse with their doges, while earning rewards for doing so.

This specific Tamaverse creates embedded and real value for TAMA. Ultimately, this will increase its value, unlike the model that COVAL takes. This then creates a real use case for the ecosystem to be sustainable and tangible.

TAMA owners are incentivized to build their NFTs over time. This keeps them coming back for more, making TAMA more popular and in high demand, increasing TAMA’s value over time. It also helps to avoid market volatility that many other meme coins, such as COVAL, experience all the time.
This is one of the main reasons why TAMA has been so successful so far in beta sales and pre-sales, and why Tamadoge’s prospects are so bright.
There is no similar value to COVAL or other meme coins. Thus, while COVAL’s overall prospects are quite correct for the next few years, they are far from equaling those of Tamadoge.
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Buy Tamadoge, the Next Big Meme Coin, Before It’s Too Late
The coin market is ripe for the picking, but it can also be risky. Getting in at the right time, with the right coin, really is the name of the game when it comes to cashing in on crypto investments.
And that’s where Tamadoge is right now, and why it’s such a good investment. Right now, you can enter the ground floor of Tamadoge during its presale. You must act now, however, before you miss this opportunity and it’s too late.
The best time to invest in crypto is usually right before or right after the launch of a new meme coin. This is where TAMA is right now, giving you an unparalleled opportunity.
While some cryptos such as COVAL have a decent price prediction for the future, investors would have to hold their assets for a long time to see those returns. When this happens, however, they are also exposed to huge declines in value.
The fact that Tamadoge has a fully integrated model of NFT and P2E is what is already attracting people to the pre-sale. TAMA is the next big meme piece, and it already is.
Don’t miss your chance to enter the ground floor before it’s too late.


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