Home Blockchain Will Wright’s Gallium Studios raises $6 million for blockchain games

Will Wright’s Gallium Studios raises $6 million for blockchain games

Will Wright’s Gallium Studios raises $6 million for blockchain games

Indie developer Gallium Studios has raised $6 million from Griffin Gaming Partners to fund its first two games, VoxVerse and Nearby.

Gallium was founded by The sims and Spore designer Will Wright and Where in the world is Carmen San Diego creator Lauren Elliott in 2015. The studio was founded with the hope of creating creator-owned simulation games that would integrate Web3 and AI technology. Both VoxVerse and Nearby will use blockchain technology.

Elliott, CEO of Gallium, said in a statement to VentureBeat this partnership with Griffin would allow the studio to “design and publish the next generation of simulation games”. The studio’s goal, he continued, is to create games that allow gamers to play an important role in game development.

“Advanced AI and core blockchain technology features can combine to support Will’s vision of keeping gamers at the center of the development process,” he continued. “Game design should always put players first.”

Griffin Gaming Partners is no stranger to funding developers interested in blockchain games. Earlier this year, the venture capital firm contributed a $46 million fund for the developer Network Studios. Similar to Gallium, Network’s first pair of titles, Triumph and Legendary: Heroes Unchained, will both be blockchain games.

Nearby was revealed by Wright in 2018, and it was said to be a “game of self-discovery”. At the time, Wright described the game as one that would simulate players’ memories. “It’s a game where we uncover the hidden you, your subconscious, your inner identity, and bring it to the surface and bring it to life so you can interact with it.”

Vbeefworms is a metaverse title that Wright created with blockchain developer Gala Games in 2021. The Vox in question are essentially digital Funko Pops, and the game will feature a “unique VOX world that goes beyond the metaverse”, according to Gala games.

In 2020, Gallium announced a partnership with the blockchain company Forte.io. Elliott boasted that with this partnership, Gallium can now “create cost-effective gameplay and designs that are collaborative in nature, so players can engage in original and relevant experiences and be rewarded for their creativity”.


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