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Xanderdark shares essential information to help you make wise crypto investments



Riding on the growing popularity of bitcoin, many other blockchain technology crypto projects have sprung up over the past decade. Bitcoin’s slide as low as $61,330 in October 2021 and its recent drop to $19,042 speaks to the highly volatile nature of the crypto. And then, high-caliber investors like Elon Musk joining the bandwagon further bolster crypto speculation and credibility. All the while, ordinary people feel bitten by the FOMO bug and sit on the fence due to a lack of know-how. Xanderdark explains how everyday people can invest wisely to profit from the crypto market.

Invest in a small percentage
The good news is that you don’t have to invest all your money to set foot in the crypto market. To get started, you need a minimum crypto investment. Since you realize that this is a risky and volatile asset, set aside only 10-15% of your total investment capital for crypto. The rest can go to traditional and safer instruments. “This will ensure diversification of asset classes. Strategically, it will make sense to regularly buy crypto in small amounts over time,” Xanderdark shares.

Research wells
“Financial investment needs vigilance. If you thoroughly research the hard facts behind a crypto project or why a community has or hasn’t rallied around it, you’ll save yourself future disappointments,” Xanderdark adds. Invest only after you have spent enough time understanding a particular coin or its future durability. Don’t choose just because the price of a coin is low and you see a chance to buy more units for future profit. Most often they have low liquidity.

Diversify the portfolio
When investing in stocks or bonds, the best advice is to put your money in a wide range of funds. The same is true in the case of crypto investing. Invest in multiple crypto coins with potential and high liquidity. Xanderdark shares, “Diversification not only earns you rewards in the event of general appreciation, but saves you from total loss in the event of a coin performing poorly.”

Stay away from hype and scams
“Think twice before trusting random communities or investment professionals on social media to give you advice on crypto investing,” says Xanderdark. They promise you a quick profit. They create a fake hype and pump people’s enthusiasm around a coin, only to throw them halfway. Similarly, beware of websites posing as legitimate crypto companies, sending lucrative offers. Always stick to verified crypto wallet websites and platforms. This will ensure the security of your investment.

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